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We're incredibly proud to represent a global community of Accredited Style Coaches™ & talented image professionals. Our members have become world-class leaders in Style Coaching™, personal styling, colour & image consultancy, personal branding & corporate image coaching.

Here they share their experiences of the IASC & we see them 'in action' doing the work they love!

  1. I'm beyond happy and proud to call myself a Style Coach™. The holistic approach of the SCI is what made me choose them over other academies, because I wanted to be able to provide a deep and honest service to my future clients, and not only fashion trends. During this journey, SCI kept providing me with amazing and useful material through their monthly masterclasses, that I could use with my clients right away. It was delightful to be mentored by Kate, she kept checking my tests and answering my questions. I would recommend them anytime. The only regret I have is not being able to attend the seminars in person; that would have been a blast!
    Silke Ahlden

  1. I felt so proud seeing my IASC accreditation and feel so grateful for everything. You are lovely people, amazing and extraordinary! I do so much wish to reach your attitude and perfect professionalism one day! I will keep you as my inspiration models. So rare to find! I am so happy to be in the IASC networking group on Facebook. Thank you so much for the invitation.
    Annita Hannadja

  1. I recently completed my Style Coach™ certification and am now a member of the International Association of Style Coaches™. The IASC team have been so helpful and professional in their role as business mentors. Their dedication and love for their job is obvious in all their communications. They have exceptional attention to detail and their follow up is perfect. I highly recommend them as professional communicators and business women.
    Carla King-Turner

  1. I have been an accredited member of the International Association of Style Coaches™️ since 2012. I can truly state that I have had only the best support from them through the years. Community leader, Kate Redmond, is always very prompt in her communication replies and usually respond in a lovely warm and personal way, although I can just imagine how busy her work life must be! I really enjoy the Masterclasses on business building they offer, and being able to listen whenever I need to refresh the information. I used to produce programs for radio and I know how many hours of research and production time goes into a single production like these masterclasses! They are packaged in a professional way, supported by a workbook, and presented in a clear voice, easy to listen to and understand. The same goes for the Business pack, a collection of stylish lists and forms to support us in doing business in a professional way and helping us to better support our clients. It is worth lots of money! Thank you Style Coaching team for your dedication and the value you offer us as members. I am truly proud to be associated with the IASC.
    Lizbe Hickman Swart

  1. I’ve just renewed my IASC membership without hesitation, as I realise what a wealth of support and information they offer. I’m excited to be able to tell you that in my first year my business continues to grow steadily. I love every minute! I present Style Confidence workshops on a regular basis and usually convert a number of the attendees to one-to-one clients. I then have a number of private clients that have come to me from word of mouth. I also write a monthly column in a fashion magazine and frequently speak on BBC radio if they need a style expert. This has all helped to raise my profile. My plan going forward is to focus on corporate work, delivering seminars in companies (I’ve done two already and have two more bookings coming up!) I’m so thrilled at the progress I’ve made. It doesn’t seem like 5 minutes ago that I became an Accredited Style Coach™.
    Deborah Ogden

  1. Since I was a little girl, I always had a passion for fashion, beauty and style, but I followed the "shoulds" instead of my heart. I got myself a "safe" corporate job. But all along, I knew this was not what I wanted to do... Through my search for a more fulfilling and joyful life, I discovered a brave new world of self-development and trained as a Style Coach™ in the process. I finally leapt from the corporate ladder & started my own business. Since then, I've been coaching people develop their image and personal brand. So here I am! This is my chance to gain much-needed specialised knowledge in the field that I'm most passionate about.
    Elsa Alexandra

  1. I've just listened to the Event Planning Masterclass – it was excellent and I'm excited to put in action such a thorough run down on how to help us create professional and memorable events to boost out profile and Personal Styling businesses. Thank you x
    Deenna Barton

  1. As a Member of the IASC, the support and back-up I have received has been wonderful, plus the information available through the Members' Portal has been invaluable. You never feel like you are on your own! I am delighted to provide the team with a recommendation; they have on many occasions provided me with practical support and advice in connection with my own personal styling business. Nothing is ever too much trouble, they are prompt and accurate in their responses, genuinely sincere and they want to help.
    Gayle Gover

  1. I just logged into the IASC Members Portal to watch the Masterclasses and found the one on Business Mapping very interesting and so useful to my personal styling business. The Mapping idea is such a good way to break everything down into branches to gradually form and build the whole picture - also printable, so really good to go back for reference and reassurance. I was also so surprised how much of an impact Video Marketing can actually have on a business audience. I take lots of notes during the classes and aim to put a few things to the test each month. Kate has a very interesting and warm voice to listen to!
    Jacqueline McDonald

  1. I felt I must write to say what absolutely marvellous material you have provided us with through the IASC. It is so very useful and professional. I have just signed up my first one to one client and am talking with a potential corporate client with a view to delivering a Style Coaching™ event for them and again I have to thank you for your email with hints and tips and ideas on a corporate presentation. The amount of time and expense you have saved me with the excellent material you have provided is vast! I had no idea I was going to get such support and am very grateful. Again may I offer a very heartfelt thank you from me.
    Jacqui Holstead

  1. The IASC Masterclasses are excellent. I have been an events manager for many years and totally agree with all the points Kate made in the ‘Event Planning Masterclass’ regarding organisation and managing the event itself. The advice on what to cover and how to specifically run a Personal Styling event is totally brilliant. Thanks so much for these classes - they are so valuable to us xx
    Janine Coney

  1. The team at IASC keep in constant contact with members, providing highly relevant and useful information for growing your personal styling business. They are always on hand to provide support and advice, and to motivate me when required! I really appreciate everything that they do for us Style Coaches™ - they give so much of themselves to their role and it seems that it isn’t just a job for them but something they do because they love it! Thank you so much for all your kind mentions in the newsletters – it makes me feel like someone is taking notice of what I’m doing in my business and really cares about my success.
    Judi Craddock

  1. The global online community is extremely supportive and the benefits of being a member of the International Association of Style Coaches are numerous. The materials that are available should not be underestimated, they have compiled an extensive library of tools to help stylists launch their Style Coaching businesses and get set up for success.
    Julie Barlier

  1. On completion of my Style Coach™ training, I became a member of the International Association of Style Coaches™. This has been an amazing community to tap into and a way of continuing to be in touch with other Style Coaches™. It is extremely fulfilling and continually makes a difference as I learn and grow personally and professionally. Working for yourself can be amazing but also a bit isolating at times. Having the community of the International Association of Style Coaches™ to be in touch with makes a big difference to the experience and growth of your business, knowledge and yourself.
    Lucy Barrett

  1. Since graduating as a Style Coach™ I have continued to learn a tremendous amount from the material given in the amazing masterclasses at the International Association of Style Coaches™ members portal. I am extremely excited to see what is to come for me as a Style Coach™! Thank you for leading the way!
    Monica Fuentes

  1. After watching the Pricing & Packages Masterclass’ I redid my Personal Styling packages and raised my prices. That first week I ended up booking two clients :) One for my ‘Restyle Me’ package and one for my ‘Camera Ready’ package. It was a little tricky to make packages since I'm also a personal stylist for Nordstrom and can't charge for the shopping services. I had to get creative and put together packages without the shopping portion. Your Masterclass videos are sooo helpful and they are what make you all standout from other associations. Not to mention your hearts and passion for what we do.
    Rayne Parvis

  1. I really don’t know where I would be now if I hadn’t joined the IASC, as although I have not yet been able to fully dedicate myself to Style Coaching as much as I’d liked to have done, it has stood me in great stead in terms of how I view life and has helped me become a supportive and well-balanced mum as it helped me adopt a positive mindset. The community are empowering, authentic, supportive, dedicated and wonderful women! I can't thank them enough for their ongoing support and for believing in me.
    Samantha Bates

  1. Just went through the latest Masterclass on using Canva in your personal styling business and I found it really useful and inspiring. Thank you for taking the time to create this wonderful presentation. I love the support I get from the IASC. Their ongoing encouragement and masterclasses are super.
    Sarah Ryan

  1. I couldn’t wait to watch this month’s masterclass, as no doubt it would be a gem and, as always, full of informative content. I was particularly interested in watching this one & taking tips to make my Style Factory Workshops an even better experience for my clients. It was fab and very relevant to my needs. I’m so delighted to be part of such a professional organisation. Without a doubt, I would still be in hobby mode without you. A million thanks to you. Your support & knowledge is invaluable.
    Sharon Huggard

  1. I am always remembered and encouraged even after being out of contact for a while! I find the new Masterclasses amazingly clarifying too!
    Silvia Finney


The International Association of Style Coaches™ (IASC) is the only international regulatory and accrediting body for the Style Coaching™ industry and is amongst the top 3 senior image organisations in the world. Formed in 2005, the IASC provides tailored business support & accreditation to the growing community of Style Coaches™ around the globe, as well as personal stylists and other image professionals committed to high-level career success.

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