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About IASC

We're a friendly global community of image & styling professionals with one sole purpose: to help you achieve sustainable success, world-class credibility & fulfilment in your career as a personal stylist or Certified Style Coach™.

We offer tailored business support for entrepreneurial personal stylists

Running your own personal styling business can offer the ultimate freedom & it feels amazing to do the work you love! But, it can also feel isolating & overwhelming at times. Personal stylists sometimes wonder if they’re on the right track, and like any entrepreneurs, can experience periods of self-doubt.

Do you often have questions like, “How can I get more personal styling clients?” “How much should I charge for my styling services?” and “How do I market myself as a personal stylist?” If so, you’ve come to the right place! Every month, we offer in-depth masterclasses, designed to give comprehensive answers to questions just like these, from people just like you! Being part of the IASC means you’re no longer alone with the challenges of running a personal styling business. With almost 20 years of experience, we understand the styling industry & we’re here to help you rise to the top of your field.

We're likeminded professionals with a shared passion & purpose

We believe that a career in personal styling becomes something truly magical when you help your clients to change more than just their outfits. That’s why, back in our early days, the founding members of the IASC were exclusively Certified Style Coaches™. In case you haven’t heard, a Certified Style Coach™ works slightly differently to a traditional image consultant, following a holistic process that combines all aspects of personal styling with transformational life coaching and self-image psychology. You can find out more about becoming a Certified Style Coach™ here >

The IASC community has grown and evolved since 2005, and we are now proud to welcome applications for affiliate membership from anyone who wishes to enhance his or her career as a personal stylist, image consultant, colour consultant, or personal shopper! Please be aware that affiliate membership applications are subject to approval and you may be requested to provide evidence of your qualifications in a related field. The benefits of being part of the IASC are perfectly tailored to both newly qualified and experienced image professionals, so if you’re ready to take your styling career to the next level then we can help.

Here at the IASC, we believe in dreaming big, working hard, staying kind, and surrounding yourself with good people who share your values. We believe in building each other up, sharing what we learn, helping wherever we can, and doing work that makes us proud.

Member Benefits

Here's How We Can Help

Explore the fantastic benefits you can access as a member of the IASC

We help connect you with potential clients, so you can build your personal styling business

You could be the best personal stylist out there, but if potential clients can’t find your business then you’ll find yourself struggling to create a stable and sustainable income. We help you to turn your passion into a profitable business, which means putting you in front of your target audience and making it easy for them to connect with you.

As an IASC member, you can feature in our international Members’ Directory and have a public profile on our website. The value this can bring to your career is significant. Potential clients in your area can use our interactive ‘Find a Stylist’ map to locate your profile, discover more about your business, and get in touch with you via your preferred contact method.

Through our recommendations and referrals, we’ve connected several hundred individual, executive and corporate clients with IASC members who have consequently been hired for their personal styling services, coaching, hosting of events, as well as long-term job placements.

We enhance your professional credibility & help you make a great first impression

Many personal stylists can experience self-doubt which limits their courage to go after new business opportunities, explore potential areas of interest, and put themselves out there in a meaningful way. Becoming an Affiliate or Accredited Member of the IASC gives you an opportunity to showcase your professional credibility and it also helps to change the way you feel about your own professional status and to demonstrate the pride you take in your work.

IASC membership is an asset you can feel proud of, helping you to project a great first impression. When you use the IASC designation (the letters MIASC after your name), you’re able to boost your personal brand by displaying an international badge of professionalism that sets you apart from your competition. You’re also inspiring confidence and trust!

As a member of the IASC, you can use an exclusive Membership Logo on your website and marketing materials, and request a Membership Certificate to proudly display alongside your styling qualifications.

Access over 60hrs of Business Masterclasses (+ new content added each month)

Many image consultants are talented when it comes to their styling work, but they may not have the fundamental business skills needed to transform their passion into profit. That’s why we develop our members into modern entrepreneurs who understand the steps to start earning a living doing the work they love.

Every month, we release a Business Masterclass video or we host a Live ‘Connect & Thrive™’ workshop on Zoom, so you can learn the strategic skills you need to grow your personal styling business in ways you never dreamed possible. We also share resources like workbooks, exercises, cheat sheets and exclusive Canva templates of tools and interactive presentations you can use with your clients, helping you to continually improve your services and keeping you miles ahead of the competition. In our archive, we currently have over 60 hours of exclusive video masterclasses for you to watch with 24/7 access.

We cover topics like: How to Expand your Business with Virtual Styling | Advanced Colour Analysis | Advanced Body Analysis | Elevated Personal Styling | Business Mapping | Video Marketing | Yearly Planning | Vision Boarding | Pricing and Packages | Hosting Events | Session and Package Planning | Creating Social Media Posts | Creating Content Calendars | Building your Styling Business from the Stage | How to Promote your Personal Styling Business | Defining your Niche & Creating Irresistible Offers | How to Get More Personal Styling Clients | Mastering Instagram | Overcoming Overwhelm | Conquering your Fear of Public Speaking … plus lots more. Our members are amazed at what we have to share, and only wish they had found the IASC sooner!

We offer a network of support from a worldwide membership community

Using our private Facebook group, you can connect and create friendships with new and experienced Style Coaches™, personal stylists, personal shoppers and image consultants from all around the world. You can share photos, videos and links, join in the active discussions, and ask any questions you might have about your personal styling business.

Maybe you’re struggling to decide on a client’s colour season or body shape, or looking for recommendations about how to market your business, maybe you’d like a second opinion on your new website or a project you’re working on – no matter what’s going on in your business – we’re here to help.

Make yourself at home in our vibrant community of like-minded professionals who each have unique experiences and wisdom that they’re willing to share. We’re a family that leans in to offer support and encouragement to each other, we listen and share ideas, we understand each other, we figure things out and we overcome our challenges. Together, we thrive… and you can too!

We love to share content that inspires, motivates and supports your progress

Surrounding yourself with uplifting peers and mentors who have walked through the same doors you’re walking through now motivates you to keep moving towards your own goals. That’s why we send out monthly newsletters giving you updates from our international community – the progress of one stylist is inspiration for us all!

We also believe that feeding your mind with positive messages helps to reinforce your passion with fresh ideas, so every month we handpick a selection of our favourite videos from the world of makeup and beauty care, style and fashion, wellbeing and coaching, as well as business ideas worth sharing. Access our extensive library of video highlights whenever you need a dose of inspiration!

And since sharing is caring, we love nothing more than to share your business Instagram posts and promote your professional profiles. It’s a real boost to see your following starting to grow! Our blog is also a space dedicated to celebrating the incredible work of our members. Come rain or shine, we’re your biggest fans.

  1. Quotes from our Members

    “I really don’t know where I would be now if I hadn’t joined the IASC, as although I have not yet been able to fully dedicate myself to Style Coaching as much as I’d liked to have done, it has stood me in great stead in terms of how I view life and has helped me become a supportive and well-balanced mum as it helped me adopt a positive mindset. The community are empowering, authentic, supportive, dedicated and wonderful women! I can't thank them enough for their ongoing support and for believing in me.”
    Samantha Bates
  1. Quotes from our Members

    “The global online community is extremely supportive and the benefits of being a member of the International Association of Style Coaches are numerous. The materials that are available should not be underestimated, they have compiled an extensive library of tools to help stylists launch their Style Coaching businesses and get set up for success.”
    Julie Barlier
  1. Quotes from our Members

    “The team at IASC keep in constant contact with members, providing highly relevant and useful information for growing your personal styling business. They are always on hand to provide support and advice, and to motivate me when required! I really appreciate everything that they do for us Style Coaches™ - they give so much of themselves to their role and it seems that it isn’t just a job for them but something they do because they love it! Thank you so much for all your kind mentions in the newsletters – it makes me feel like someone is taking notice of what I’m doing in my business and really cares about my success.”
    Judi Craddock
  1. Quotes from our Members

    “I felt I must write to say what absolutely marvellous material you have provided us with through the IASC. It is so very useful and professional. I have just signed up my first one to one client and am talking with a potential corporate client with a view to delivering a Style Coaching™ event for them and again I have to thank you for your email with hints and tips and ideas on a corporate presentation. The amount of time and expense you have saved me with the excellent material you have provided is vast! I had no idea I was going to get such support and am very grateful. Again may I offer a very heartfelt thank you from me.”
    Jacqui Holstead


The International Association of Style Coaches™ (IASC) is the only international regulatory and accrediting body for the Style Coaching™ industry and is amongst the top 3 senior image organisations in the world. Formed in 2005, the IASC provides tailored business support & accreditation to the growing community of Style Coaches™ around the globe, as well as personal stylists and other image professionals committed to high-level career success.

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