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Welcome to the home of the International Association of Style Coaches™ where you’ll find the outstanding mentorship & competitive resources you need to thrive as a personal stylist, image consultant, personal shopper or Accredited Style Coach™

  1. Quotes from our Members

    “After watching the Pricing & Packages Masterclass’ I redid my Personal Styling packages and raised my prices. That first week I ended up booking two clients :) One for my ‘Restyle Me’ package and one for my ‘Camera Ready’ package. It was a little tricky to make packages since I'm also a personal stylist for Nordstrom and can't charge for the shopping services. I had to get creative and put together packages without the shopping portion. Your Masterclass videos are sooo helpful and they are what make you all standout from other associations. Not to mention your hearts and passion for what we do.”
    Rayne Parvis
  1. Quotes from our Members

    “I recently completed my Style Coach™ certification and am now a member of the International Association of Style Coaches™. The IASC team have been so helpful and professional in their role as business mentors. Their dedication and love for their job is obvious in all their communications. They have exceptional attention to detail and their follow up is perfect. I highly recommend them as professional communicators and business women.”
    Carla King-Turner
  1. Quotes from our Members

    “I’ve just renewed my IASC membership without hesitation, as I realise what a wealth of support and information they offer. I’m excited to be able to tell you that in my first year my business continues to grow steadily. I love every minute! I present Style Confidence workshops on a regular basis and usually convert a number of the attendees to one-to-one clients. I then have a number of private clients that have come to me from word of mouth. I also write a monthly column in a fashion magazine and frequently speak on BBC radio if they need a style expert. This has all helped to raise my profile. My plan going forward is to focus on corporate work, delivering seminars in companies (I’ve done two already and have two more bookings coming up!) I’m so thrilled at the progress I’ve made. It doesn’t seem like 5 minutes ago that I became an Accredited Style Coach™.”
    Deborah Ogden
  1. Quotes from our Members

    “I couldn’t wait to watch this month’s masterclass, as no doubt it would be a gem and, as always, full of informative content. I was particularly interested in watching this one & taking tips to make my Style Factory Workshops an even better experience for my clients. It was fab and very relevant to my needs. I’m so delighted to be part of such a professional organisation. Without a doubt, I would still be in hobby mode without you. A million thanks to you. Your support & knowledge is invaluable.”
    Sharon Huggard


The International Association of Style Coaches™ (IASC) is the only international regulatory and accrediting body for the Style Coaching™ industry and is amongst the top 3 senior image organisations in the world. Formed in 2005, the IASC provides tailored business support & accreditation to the growing community of Style Coaches™ around the globe, as well as personal stylists and other image professionals committed to high-level career success.

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