Proudly representing a global community of Accredited & Certified Style Coach™ professionals

International Association of STYLE COACHES™

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There are some fantastic reasons to join the International Association of Style Coaches™. We have broken down the key benefits into a few main categories... We hope you enjoy learning more about what we do!


~ Designatory Letters & Logos - Accredited members may use the designatory letters ‘MIASC (Accred)’ in your professional correspondence. You may also promote your professional status with the use of an exclusive IASC logo to demonstrate that you have met all the IASC criteria for recognition.

~ Feature on the Public Register - Accredited members are added to our public list of ‘Registered and IASC Accredited Style Coaches™’. Only accredited members will be put forward for recommendation or referrals when requests for information, interviews, or media opportunities come through the IASC HQ.

~ Have a Member Profile - Accredited members can display their Member Profile in country-specific PDF brochures produced by the IASC (provided to the public upon completion of an enquiry form). This profile space allows members to introduce themselves to potential clients, include a photograph, a link to their website and social media pages, and contact information. This helps Style Coaches to connect with potential clients and the back-link from your profile to your website is great for anyone trying to increase the ranking of their site with internet search engines.

~ Demonstrate your Commitment - Being a member of the IASC demonstrates to employers, the public and your peers the commitment you have made to your own continued professional development and your adherence to a Code of Professional Ethics.

~ Complimentary IASC Certificate - All accredited members receive a certificate which can be proudly displayed or presented to evidence your membership status.
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We do our best to offer as much support as possible when you are setting up and growing a personal styling business. We do this by being on hand to answer any questions you might have, delivering inspiring newsletters to your inbox every month, providing a membership website where you can access IASC MONTHLY BUSINESS MASTERCLASSES every month, recommending Accredited Members via our international ‘Referral Programme’, and hosting a private Facebook group that enables the worldwide community of personal stylists and Style Coaches™ to come together.

When you’re running your own personal styling business, it can at times feel isolating and overwhelming, but being part of IASC means that you’re never alone with these challenges. We know exactly what it takes to become a successful personal stylist, and we can help you to keep you on track with your goals and vision for the future!

In our Monthly Business Masterclasses (30+ minute videos and downloadable resources), we teach in-depth business skills to help you grow your own personal styling business. We cover a different aspect of your business every month (recent topics have included a 2-part Video Marketing Masterclass, Yearly Game Planning Masterclass, Vision Boarding Masterclass, Pricing and Packaging Masterclass, Business Mapping Masterclass, How to Plan Events as a Personal Stylist, and many others!)

Alongside our Monthly Masterclasses, we also handpick educational videos relating to makeup tutorials and personal grooming advice, fashion styling tips and the latest trends, life coaching and business coaching topics, and so much more.

As a member of the IASC, you can also gain recommendations from the community. Looking for products or services related to your Style Coaching™ career? Looking for a second opinion about a challenge you’re facing with a client? Stuck on colour analysis? Just ask the IASC community for their top recommendations that have been tried and tested!
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~ Monthly news delivered to your inbox - The ‘IASC Connect’ Ezine is delivered directly to your inbox every month and keeps you up-to-date and connected with the Style Coaching™ community. Volunteer your news and achievements so you can feature in the news section, too!

~ Monthly educational content - In the ‘IASC Connect’ Ezine we include links to educational podcasts, videos, articles, and free downloadable resources.

~ Long-term support - The ‘IASC Connect’ Ezine enables our relationships with members to flourish because there is an on-going connection and long-term relationships of trust are established.

~ Your questions answered - We use ‘IASC Connect’ Ezine to share questions from members. Your questions are fully answered and sometimes a demonstration, new article, or new download would follow. In today’s busy world one-on-one support encounters are usually brief, but we connect with members on a personal level to ensure that our support is far-reaching and immensely valuable.

~ Resources to match your specific career - The ‘IASC Connect’ Ezine encompasses the right tools which will help you to accomplish your professional goals, and you will find that our content becomes a ‘go-to’ resource for tips, advice, support and solutions, offering timely and timeless information that Style Coaches™ need, want and anticipate.
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~ Access a wealth of experience - Students can access the wealth of information and experience available through the IASC and its accredited members. As well as the benefits of an increased range of knowledge resources, you can network with experienced professionals and get a head start on your career.

~ Safely share your experiences & ask questions - Connecting with our members is our top priority here at the IASC. We aim for every individual to feel welcomed and at ease, and valued by knowing that their needs have been heard and understood. The IASC is a community that they can trust and in which they feel safe and secure to share their views and ask questions.

~ Network with other Style Coaches™ - You can benefit from invaluable networking opportunities within the community. Whether you are a student or accredited member, You have the option of connecting with Style Coaches™ via our private Facebook or LinkedIn groups. This enables you to communicate easily between other members on a daily basis through your favourite social media spaces, share photos, videos and links to topics of interest, join the discussion boards, begin new conversations, swap ideas and ask questions!

~ Tailored support to suit your individual needs - And of course, one of the most valuable benefits is the high-level of ongoing support we are able to offer you on a long-term basis! Answering your questions, listening to what you might find helpful, and endeavouring to make a real difference by creating resources, providing practical advice and guidance, and sharing our wealth of experience from this unique field of Style Coaching™.
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