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Welcome to the website of the 
International Association of Style Coaches™. 

If you are interested in any aspect of Style Coaching™, this website will provide you with some great information! While you are browsing the site, remember that you can click on ‘Find a Style Coach™’ at any time!

The IASC is the only international regulatory and accrediting body specifically for the Style Coaching™ industry and is amongst the most senior image organizations in the world. Formed in 2005, the IASC represents the growing number of professional Style Coaches™ around the globe, and offers them tailored support, specific to the unique field of Style Coaching™.


To continuously develop and maintain the highest standards possible for the field of Style Coaching™ through continuing professional development (CPD) and adherence to a code of ethics 

To promote awareness of Style Coaching™ by providing information to the public, and helping to connect interested parties with an IASC Accredited Style Coach™ in their region 

To bring strategic support to practicing Style Coaches™ through an advisory service, online networking groups, informative articles, monthly newsletters, and access to training updates 

Style Coaching™ is a unique specialisation that was created and developed by the co-founders of the Style Coaching Institute® Ltd. Style Coaching™ uniquely brings together Personal Styling and Life Coaching. Style Coaching™ embraces every individual person as a whole and takes a holistic approach. The International Association of Style Coaches™ is a part of the Style Coaching Institute®, dedicated to the service and continued support of its graduates.   
A Style Coach™ is professionally trained to help you to make positive changes to your outer appearance, while at the same time empowering you to grow in confidence and self-belief with the help of simple coaching exercises. A Style Coach™ can help you to improve not only the image you see reflected in the mirror, but also the image you see in your mind’s eye too! Style Coaching™ believes in the mind / body link – that the way we see ourselves on the outside has a huge effect on how we see ourselves on the inside, and vice versa! Style Coaching™ can be truly transformational!
Your Style Coach™ will share invaluable information with you, and the benefits of Style Coaching™ are never-ending! Your Style Coach™ will focus on you as an individual, and their aim is to help you to discover and express your own sense of style – a style which suits your personality, takes into consideration your body shape, and works for your everyday lifestyle!

Find a Style Coach™ in your area today   and connect with of one of many IASC Accredited Style Coaches™ listed on our website, or just simply check to see if a Style Coach™ is licensed by the Style Coaching Institute.

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