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Kimberly Seltzer. MIASC. Based in Los Angeles 

Personal Image Consultant and Therapist, Kimberly Seltzer, has been helping people feel good on the inside for over 10 years. She received her B.A. at Indiana University majoring in psychology, speech communication and theatre. Kimberly went on to obtain a M.A. at University of Chicago in Clinical Social Work. She had been working over the years as a therapist in several settings with various types of clients. Committed to help making positive changes in others, Kimberly decided to combine her skills as a therapist and passion for fashion from her days working at her father’s high-end shoe store to become an image consultant.  Kimberly has been trained by one of the top Image Consultants in Los Angeles, Ashley Rothschild at The Rothschild Image. Her background in speech communication and theatre has been instrumental in assisting others with body language and social communication.  Kimberly has conducted numerous lectures throughout her experience at Yale University, Lutheran General Hospital and several public schools.  She is looking forward to practicing and introducing Style Coaching to the United States.
Her philosophy is simple…work from the inside out. Kimberly has the unique ability to understand her client’s needs with sensitivity and coach them to achieve their goals and boost their self-confidence.  Throughout the light-hearted process, she takes into account her client’s lifestyle, appearance, social environment and relationship issues to set goals towards their personal image.

Telephone 818.274.9090  Web: www.eliteimagemakeovers.com  Email: kimmyseltzer@yahoo.comhttp://www.eliteimagemakeovers.com/mailto:kimmyseltzer@yahoo.comshapeimage_22_link_0shapeimage_22_link_1

Lydia Chu  
Based in Davis, California

My name is Lydia Chu and I currently own a business in Davis, California that provides alterations on clothing and also specialize in renting out Tuxedos. Before I opened my current business, I was in dry cleaning business for about 16 years. So, basically, I’ve been in clothing and fashion industry for approximately 18 years so I’m very familiar with different types of clothes, what’s in style and how to take care of your clothes.  

While running my current business, I was running into a lot of clients that were asking me for advice on how they should look and dress.  I began to realize that a lot of people were buying the wrong clothes for their body type and even wrong sizes! I also live and work in a college town where a lot of my clients are young men and women who are graduating  ready to go out into the business world. Most of the time, these young men and women have no clue on how to dress for special occasions especially job interviews. This is when I realized that I can help them to look their best. By dressing better, they can feel good about themselves and have the confidence to go out into the business world and perform their best. 

I’m currently in the process of building a new website for my new and exciting endeavour but in the meantime, I can be found on our current website: 


I can be reached by email at: Lydia@executivealterations.com http://www.executivealterations.commailto:Lydia@executivealterations.comshapeimage_23_link_0shapeimage_23_link_1

Adele Ball. MIASC. Based in San Diego, CA

Adele Ball is a registered nurse who has held leadership positions within San Diego, CA for more than 20 years. In addition to being an RN, she earned a Masters Degree in Healthcare Administration from the University of San Diego in 1996. During her career, Adele has consistently been recognized by patients, management, peers, and her staff for her compassion and nurturing style. She has coached thousands of patients, families, and nurses in working through tough healthcare issues. Managers have dubbed her “the best coach ever”.
In addition to her work in healthcare, she has a passionate interest in fashion and the creative arts. She expresses her creative abilities through painting on silk, jewelry design, and as a personal shopper for individual s seeking a sophisticated style. Adele believes the right accessories can make any outfit special.

The concept of helping women learn more about themselves, coupled with a passion for style, convinced Adele to expand her career into Style Coaching™. The foundation of Style Coaching™ is similar to nursing because the approach is holistic and recognizes each client as an individual, deserving a distinctive approach. Adele helps clients recognize how their body shape, age, skin tone, lifestyle, appearance, and goals, are relevant in creating their best image... their perfect individual style! Through the process of Style Coaching™, Adele assists the client in discovering what works best for them and helps them develop a positive self image.
Intrigued? Contact Adele at 760 930-9309 or msadeleab@gmail.com or visit http://www.StylebyMsAdele.com to learn more about what Style Coaching™ can do for you.  mailto:msadeleab@gmail.comhttp://www.StylebyMsAdele.comshapeimage_24_link_0shapeimage_24_link_1
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Jennifer Cordeau. MIASC. Based in San Diego, CA

Jennifer Cordeau wants to live in a world where women celebrate their individual unique beauty and high-five each other in the streets, glitter is the new black, sassiness is the new sweet, and chocolate is it’s own food group.

From dressing up her dogs as a child, to experimenting with fashion do’s (and don’ts), Jennifer has always been passionate about infusing her life with style. In her former life as an urban planner and project manager, her love for design and shape translated into ‘seeing the bigger picture’ on projects and tasks, and her routinely being dubbed as the office’s ‘best dressed’. 

As a Style Coach™, Jennifer’s emphasis is on promoting a positive body image first, because being body confident involves much more then just a pretty pair of new shoes (say what?). Jennifer approaches improving style holistically, by focusing on internal challenges and beliefs, life experiences and choices, and of course, what to wear.

When she’s not helping women to feel confident and comfortable in their own skin, you can find her belting out made-up lyrics and dance moves in the kitchen with her four year old daughter, throwing a mangled chew toy to her dog like a scene out of the movie Groundhog day, giving her husband a hard time, and binge watching Project Runway episodes.

Discover how you can love your body and love your style! 
Contact: Jennifer@confidencealamode.commailto:Jennifer@confidencealamode.comshapeimage_33_link_0

Melissa Huber MIASC. Based in Indianapolis.

Melissa Huber is from Indianapolis IN. She is a Professional Style Coach™ and founder of UTotally. She has certifications in Skin Analysis, Make-Up Application, Nutrition, Weight Management, and as a Personal Trainer.

Melissa has over 15 years experience in skin care and the cosmetic industry. She works with one of the premium skin care lines in the world. She also works with other world class companies to stay current and to offer her clients the best products and services available. Melissa is concerned with the “total person” and customizes each session to enhance qualities of your “total person.”

UTotally is a personalized total body resource whether it is to update your style, establish a skin care routine, grow your confidence, or work on your body appearance inside or out. She can customize a program to meet your individual goals. Think about the goals you would like to reach and call or email today to schedule a time to start the journey together, towards a “new you.”

To schedule your personalized service:

Call:  317-417-5265 or 317-891-6638
Or email:  mhuber@markerman.commailto:mhuber@markerman.comshapeimage_34_link_0

Alexandra Faltis MIASC. DIP. Style Coaching™ 
Based in Wisconsin.

I have always been interested in transformations. The transformation of caterpillar to butterfly, night to day, seed to blossoming flower. Transformations are happening around us every day. So why shouldn't someone be able to transform themselves?

Everyone has the power to turn their look and their life around; to go from ordinary to absolutely incredible. I help to facilitate that change. It's truly amazing what a new look can do for your life. When you like the way you look, it shows. You stand taller, you become more sociable, and you exude confidence. These changes can affect all aspects of your life. Confidence not only helps you feel better about yourself, but it also makes you more attractive to others in both personal and professional settings.

There is nothing like the feeling I get when I help someone to recognize their true potential. I feel truly blessed to be working in a field that I love. This is my passion. I can't imagine doing anything else. I love being a Style Coach™!

Contact Alexandra Faltis: alexandrafaltis@hotmail.com

Lisa Mendivil, MIASC. Based in Phoenix, Arizona

“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.” 

~ Ralph Waldo Emerson 

My appreciation for clothing and style began in my teens. Home Economics and sewing were interests in high school. At that age, I realized I wanted to be different – to stand out. I loved wearing clothes that no one else had, because I had made them. 

In college, I studied Fashion Design and Apparel Design and Construction. I worked in the clothing manufacturing industry and was a partner in a retail clothing store. For several years, I was happy! But the clothing industry was very competitive and it was hard to make a good living. I went back to school with the intention of starting my own business. Having a Bachelors Degree in Accounting but no clear direction, I pursued an accounting career – unintentionally abandoning dreams of being an entrepreneur. 

That was 20 years ago. 

During the Style Coach™ training, I asked myself, “So what is it that stopped me from pursuing my dreams?” Basically – fear, uncertainty, but most of all – LACK OF CONFIDENCE. Lack of confidence in myself as a beautiful, creative human being; lack of experience or clarity; lack of knowledge and belief in my God-given gifts and talents.
After 12 years of soul-searching, self-inquiry and truth-seeking, I realize that I have everything within me that I need to succeed, if I only get out of my own way. I’ve learned that I should just be myself and trust the process of life. Confidence is something we can all have. It is something to practice and cultivate if we have the desire, then choose to act upon it. 

Completing the Style Coaching™ training has helped me re-discover my passion for clothing and style, with the same love of individuality and personal expression that I had as a young adult. As I originally intended, accounting is a valuable skill to have as a business owner. As an accountant, I also learned to be very organized. Handy when analyzing a wardrobe! I try to manage stress by practicing yoga. For health reasons, I’m learning to live a healthy lifestyle, which includes a plant-based diet and environmentally friendly beauty products.
As your Style Coach™, I want to encourage you to live your life in a healthy and beautiful way. It is my intention to help you overcome fears and move forward confidently in your life, career, or business. It is my hope that you will be inspired and empowered to live your dream, wear clothes that express your unique personal style, to stand out and be at your best, every day – by just being true to yourself. 

Lisa Mendivil 
Style Coach and Inspirepreneur 
Tel: 602-908-3591
Email: lisa.mendivil@hotmail.com 

Kiria V. McMillan MIASC. Based in Minnesota.

Hi! My name is Kiria V. McMillan. I am a mother of two. I currently reside in the Minneapolis Minnesota area and in Panamá. I have done extensive traveling in search of the latest fashions and styles. You could say that when it comes to clothes and styles I'm a little obsessed. That is why I love Style Coaching and that is why I want to help you!
I'm originally from the country of Panamá where the weathers warm and the beaches are crystal clear. I have a degree in Psychology from the Interamericana University in Panama City, Panama and I briefly worked in a juvenile detention center helping young people before moving to the United States. This passion that I have to help others is also why I can help you transform into the person whom you know you are. A wonderful individual with style and personality.
What can I do for you as your Style Coach? To answer that question let me first explain to you what I believe Style Coaching is and how it will help you become the better you. Style Coaching is a process that looks at all aspects of your life. From organizing your closet to finding the best color pallet for you. My job, as a your Style Coach, is to help you transform from what you are now, into someone who feels and looks more confident inside and out. This journey starts with you and ends with you. I, as your Style Coach, only help you through that journey through carefully planned sessions. Each one specifically designed to get you to where you want to be.  A more perfect you!
So if you feel that you can't seem to clean that closet out or get motivated to find that new you. Please call or email me at the following and I will become your personal Style Coach.

Email: kiriastylecoaching@gmail.com

Telephone: 612-802-1911mailto:kiriastylecoaching@gmail.comshapeimage_37_link_0

Karen Antonowicz, Cumberland, RI

Karen Antonowicz worked in the health field as a Registered Dietitian for 20 years. She has always had a passion, however, for vintage and antique clothing.  Pursuing this passion, Karen completed a Master’s Degree in Fashion Merchandising and Design, with a concentration in Historic Costume and Textiles, from the University of Rhode Island. Karen has been teaching in the Fashion Design and Merchandising Program at the college level for the past twelve years. In addition to teaching full-time at Johnson & Wales University in Providence, RI, she teaches in the Continuing Education Program at Rhode Island School of Design. Karen also enjoys teaching Styling Workshops for local adult education programs.

  Continuing to follow a long-held dream, Karen and her husband, Mike, opened Nostalgia Antiques & Collectables, an antiques co-op located on the East Side of Providence, Rhode Island.  At the shop, they house over 100 vendors of antiques, collectables, and vintage clothing and accessories. In addition to selling vintage clothing, Karen teaches styling workshops in her store.  She also gives lectures and workshops on various fashion eras, such as “Downton Abbey Fashions” and “Fashions Worn on the Titanic” to audiences in libraries, senior centers, adult education programs, and historic homes.  Although Karen loves to style others and help them to look their best, she specializes in coaxing out the authentic fashion personalities of each of her clients, by teaching them to mix beautiful vintage pieces with modern clothing for a unique, one-of-a-kind look.

Email: vintage_apparel@yahoo.commailto:vintage_apparel@yahoo.comshapeimage_38_link_0

Kathleen Kostrzewa is Founder of ‘My Effortless Style’.
Covering New England.

Hello my name is Kathleen and I am a wife, mother, grandmother, and a certified Style Coach™!  My passion is to inspire and empower my clients to look and feel their best so they can be the best they can be everyday.  I'd like to tell you a bit about what led me to this - here's my story:

Early in my 30-year corporate career I worked for a pharmaceutical in a male dominated field – Information Technology. When a new female came onboard, I would always take her under my wing to “show her the ropes”. As I grew and became a manager, I had both women and men reporting to me but it was always the women who struggled the most with work/life balance - something I understood as my husband and I both worked while raising our family. As I mentored and coached these women through their struggles I received such personal satisfaction.

​Later in my career, I worked for a beauty company located in New York City and discovered that the way I looked was very important.  As an executive involved in presenting to senior management and the corporate board, I soon learned that I did my best when I not only was prepared for the meeting but also when I thought I looked my best.  It just gave me that extra bit of self-confidence that I needed to be assertive and not timid.  It was during my time at this company that I developed my own sense of personal style and I enjoyed it!  Several of my colleagues urged me to be a personal stylist if I ever pursued a different career - so far away from my left-brained IT background!

After 30 years as a corporate executive, I decided I wanted to focus my next career doing something based on my two passions – empowering women and personal style.  Luckily, I stumbled upon the Style Coaching Institute® in London.  Style Coaching™ mixes two professions – that of a personal stylist/image consultant and that of a Life Coach.  It is a holistic approach that embraces the "whole" person inside and out!

 I have now launched my own company - My Effortless Style.  I work with my clients first to understand them on the inside and the messages they want to send with their appearance.  I provide the knowledge and tools to empower them to enhance and embrace their physical appearance.   I am passionate about helping women to look great and feel great, so they can do great!  Effortlessly!

​If you are a woman who wants to just spruce up your look or you want a totally enhanced style and need a boost in self-confidence please call me.  I would love to work with you!  Just visit my website at www.MyEffortlessStyle.com to learn more about the services provided.

Let’s socialize:

Website:  www.MyEffortlessStyle.com
Facebook:  www.facebook.com/MyEffortlessStyle
Pinterest:  www.pinterest.com/MyEffortlessSty
LinkedIn:  www.linkedin.com/in/kathleenkostrzewa
Instagram:  KathleenKostrzewa
Twitter:  @kkostrzewa


Sharron Miles Gilty MIASC. Based in Chicago, IL.

I am Sharron Miles Gilty a native of Chicago, IL. I am a mom, wife, hairdresser (with20+ years of experience) and a co-owner of The Abyss Salon in Chicago with my husband. 

Upon graduating college (with a BA in Business Administration) I went on to pursue my lifelong goal and dream which was a career in cosmetology. I have always had a love and a desire to make people look beautiful. Through my college studies I aways wanted to be in the fashion industry in some capacity. Although I did not complete my fashion merchandising minor, I have always been fascinated with fashion and learning about style. After graduating college I began to learn how to create my own ‘authentic style’ through trial and error. 

When I finally met the man of my dreams he was already a very sharp dresser and the ‘go to guy’ in his circle for fashion and style. He encouraged me to push the limit and express my unique and creative style. I too have always been the ‘go to girl’ for hair and fashion in my circle. I have been teaching friends, family, and salon clients for years how to shop smart and always offered advice on how to look and feel their best. This unique ability encouraged me to search for a program to share my passion. After months of searching, I found the perfect opportunity to allow me to study on a more professional level. I was excited to finally be able live out my dreams through the Style Coaching Institute. 

Although I love to shop everywhere, I have a special love that I developed years ago and that is thrift, resale, consignment, and vintage store shopping. Although I feel like men and women should look their best, I do not believe that they have to invest tons of money to look and feel great. My expertise is also in retail shopping especially knowing when to shop to find designer labels for less. No matter where you shop my goal is to teach and share with the world how to “dress best…less.” I plan to take the world shopping through my local, domestic and eventually global shopping tours one trip at a time by way of my online travel business. I truly appreciate what I have learned and planned to put my knowledge to great use! 

I am currently in the process of upgrading and rebranding my website/blog. Its expected launch date is May 1, 2014:


However, I can be contacted at: 773.209.4247
Or by email at: dresschickeepitcheap@gmail.com 
My salon website is: www.theabysssaloninc.com http://www.stylecoachinginstitute.comhttp://www.stylecoachinginstitute.comhttp://www.dresschickeepitcheap.commailto:dresschickeepitcheap@gmail.comhttp://www.theabysssaloninc.comshapeimage_40_link_0shapeimage_40_link_1shapeimage_40_link_2shapeimage_40_link_3shapeimage_40_link_4


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