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Chiara Prele, MIASC.

My name is Chiara Prele. I was born and raised in Italy, and I have a cum laude degree in Law and worked in this field for many years. I speak English, German, French, Spanish, and Italian. I am mostly available in Germany and Austria. I am also willing to assist clients  in Arabian countries, in particular UAE and Kuwait. If possible, I would be delighted to assist foreign visitors to Italy, and anyone who loves Italian style!

To share a little bit about myself, I was educated to good taste and learned etiquette, both from my parents as well as at school. My grandmother was an amazing dressmaker, and passed me her passion for helping women look and feel beautiful by dressing them according to their body shape and needs. Even as a very young child, I found myself fascinated by her drapes and cuts. I learned plenty of ‘tricks of the trade’ and my creativity grew.

I have been living in Italy, which is renowned as one of the best countries in the world to train one's eye to style. I never abandoned my passion for clothes and grooming: during my life I attended courses in tailoring, makeup, and etiquette as well, in order to keep constantly updated. At various stages in my life and in different situations, I experienced first-hand how important it is to feel comfortable in one's own skin.
I have been travelling around the world since I was very young. Through meeting different people, experiencing different cultures and lifestyles, and hitting the high streets in several cities, I developed a cosmopolitan approach, while keeping my genuine Italian taste. It became natural for me to match Italian style with a cosmopolitan attitude. 

I am a professional Style Coach™ having graduated from the Style Coaching Institute® with an Honours Grade Diploma.

Style Coaching™ has a holistic approach: it helps individuals to look good and feel great. You will create the style that most enhances your personality, body shape and colour, and you will also learn how to improve your personal grooming, body language, communication skills and etiquette. My approach offers a touch of Italian style, though respectful of your own culture. The outcome is a very unique and personal style, specially created only for one individual, charming and attractive, helping you to feel a new self-confidence.  
For further information please visit my website at: www.yourultimatestyle.com 
You can also send an email to: info@yourultimatestyle.com 

I look forward to hearing from you and replying to you personally! 


Neelam Sen Gupta, MIASC.

My name is Neelam Sen Gupta and I am originally from Mumbai, India. My husband and I currently live in Dubai, UAE, where we have been resident for the past five years. 

I feel my background of modeling and promotion work in beauty products and jewellery gives me a special insight into working as a Style Coach™ as looking one's best was a prerequisite for my work. 

I have always had a strong interest in style and this course knowledge has given me the necessary know-how to encourage me to start my own small business in a field I can excel in. In addition, I am extremely excited to be working in an area I feel is important to everyone in today's highly competitive world where our best appearance is necessary. This love of being involved definitely benefits my clients as my strong belief in what I advise them is sincere and immediately obvious to any prospective client. My honesty with people regarding changes they must make, what is realistic and what is not leads to referrals and an increase in satisfied clients. With all modesty, I do look good myself, and I am a friendly, sociable person who is easily approachable. I know my own limitations and faults and always strive to minimize these, and when the client sees this, they will be able to identify. I certainly intend to create my own advertising website in the near future; however, presently, I can be contacted at several e-mail addresses and mobile numbers.

Email: neelamsen@hotmail.com
Tel: +97 15 0344 9434


Cecile Flieger. MIASC.

Hi there! My name is Cecile Flieger. I am a Filipina-Austrian Style Coach currently residing in Dubai. I started out in the hotel industry and have a degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management, but because of the demands of motherhood, I have been working as an Executive PA and Office Manager for more than 10 years. 

How did I get into Style Coaching™? My innate style, discerning eye, confident self-image and natural flair for coaching, are some of the reasons my friends started to approach me for to help them dress for special occasions or shop for new clothes. I enjoyed helping them out as much as they enjoyed my help! It dawned on me that I have the “gift” to be able to coach people to make positive changes in their external and internal self-image. That was the push that led me to take this to the next level, by becoming a certified Style Coach™! 

Having a multi-cultural background, extensive traveling and living abroad for many years have enriched my own sense of style and exposed me to many different others. This cosmopolitan foundation gives me an edge in advising clients from different backgrounds. 
I believe that “Style Coaching™” is the best and most comprehensive method of helping anyone who is challenged in the style and image department. It tackles both the outside and inside aspects, making sure that the client looks good on the outside and feels good on the inside. 

If you are determined to make the necessary changes in your image, I am here to help you make them happen! I would be able to help you find your own unique style that reflects your personality and projects confidence. Let’s embark on this life-changing journey together! Go ahead, call me or write me an e-mail. I look forward to working with you! 

E-mail: cf@cecileflieger.com 
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/cecilefliegerstyle
Tel. +971 50 7842172



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