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Thitiya Nithipitigan, MIASC.
Thitiya Nithipitigan, 3rd generation of her own family business, a fish sauce manufacturing company, is a Style Coach and a Colour Consultant in Bangkok, Thailand. Her great desire to help people look good and feel great in themselves has inspired her to become a Style Coach. "I had been looking for a career, which I loved to do, and at the same time was able to help people feel great in themselves, and finally I found the Style Coaching Institute, which was exactly what I had been looking for.", she said. Her strength that she is most proud of is her colour analysis skill. Her popular service is the "Mini Colour Party" for a small group of 5 friends/family members. She has such great experience with many clients. All of her clients love her due to her pleasantly lovely personality, and her desire to help her clients.
She is now offering personal style and colour consulting in Bangkok area. Her telephone number is 66(0)91-951-9556.


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Benyapa Boonpucknavig, Bangkok, Thailand. MIASC.
She is a speech designer, acting coach and a Style Coach™ for people in numerous walks of life who want to succeed in their profession. She is a fluent bilingual in Thai and English. Benyapa has been a professional in speech communication and acting for more than 20 years. She is based in Bangkok, Thailand, and is well-known as an expert in reconstructing attitudes and behaviour through enhancement of speech and acting for numerous actors, singers and business executives, including specialised work paths such as doctors, engineers, architects, financial advisors, etc.
She possesses a special ability of listening to others and pinpointing issues that need counselling. She also delivers fun exercises to help improve her clients skills. She is a writer and editor for a recognised publishing company that publishes self-improvement book. One of her recent books, “Well Spoken, Boosts Life” has been a continuous best seller since launch in mid 2014.
Her personal style has attracted a great deal of requests from people around her as to how she does it. Her clients constantly ask her where she gets all her various items, and ask for her advice and for her to take them shopping!
During the past year, she has been requested to appear at various multi-national organisations to train their employees; moreover their executives. Besides from being an expert in speech and body language, she is a firm believer, and advises her clients this: “Before people listen to you, they will look at how you are dressed. If you are well-dressed, half the battle is won.” And this is a simple secret that people overlook.
Benyapa possesses a Master’s Degree in Theatre from Long Island University, New York, USA with a 4.00 GPA., granted with an Educator’s Development Scholarship from Bangkok University. Benyapa graduated magna cum laude from Chulalongkorn University with a BA in Speech Communication & Performing Arts in Bangkok, Thailand.
She had previously been an instructor in performing arts at Bangkok University for almost a decade. She has educated numerous young adults in her years making her a true master of teenage ways. After that, she left the university to open her own acting school, which not only taught acting, but also speech. Her repertoire of students consisted of the general population to professional actors ageing three all the way up to 55. She has been an Acting Coach for well-known directors all over Thailand in Thai movies and commercials. She has consistently worked hand in hand with costume designers, hair stylists and makeup artists.
She currently mentors and consults many various celebrities and singers who have been in her private training classes. She is gifted with the ability to listen and understand her clients, and furthermore analyse and identify the true cause of her clients troubles. She then has various ingenious practical ways to overcome these troubles on the spot. Her statistical feedback by her clients show that her solutions efficiently work making rate of referral like a wild fire.
At the age of 40, she decided to change her field of concentration to speech improvement instead of acting. She is well-known for her enjoyable seminar-workshops she delivers. At the present, she has created her own seminars on speech design and acting, where she holds small groups to be able to thoroughly reach out to each and every individual. Her class booking fill extremely quickly.
She has numerous private classes of which consist of executives and entrepreneurs. Since she has expanded her field of training to Style Coaching, scores of people have been waiting in line to obtain a chance to let them in on the secret of success.
She is comfortable working overseas.
If you are interested in any further details feel free to contact:
E-mail address : kruoh6385@gmail.com
Phone number : (66)94-789-9714mailto:kruoh6385@gmail.comshapeimage_38_link_0
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Coach Thanpatson Thamchotmetin, MIASC.
My passion for beauty and love for people led me to this  coaching  career. Establishing confidence from the INNER SELF value combined with OUTSIDE  self management will  surely reveal  the beauty of a person. As a life and Style  Coach™, my aim is to help more people to discover their greatest selves and achieve the best life that they deserve.

I specializes  in the “know your Value and Know your Worth”  life and Style Coaching™ approach. A great and positive transformation is always possible to all people who are interested to welcome it. Transforming and empowering people is my greatest  happiness!

@VALUE INSIDE, I will guide you to unlock the major keys towards having a better life. Start by understanding how your inner worth complements your physical body, you will definitely appreciate the changes in you. I guarantee, life is amazingly beautiful if you discover the  great secret. And the good news is “IT IS VERY POSSIBLE”.

Contact  address: 

518 Kamphengphet 2, Chatuchak, Bangkok, Thailand
Mobile:+66 98562 69 42 / +66 854496465
Email: thanpatson@hotmail.com/coachprang@yahoo.com
Facebook page:  value inside
Skype: coach.prang


Sarawalee Lusamlit, MIASC.

My name is Sarawalee Lusamlit. Currently, I’m studying at London College of Fashion in a degree for Fashion Design and Development. I operate between London (when in the UK) and Bangkok when in  Thailand.
The reason that I decided to become a Style Coach™ is because for me I think in the fashion industry it’s not just only about designing and creating garments.It’s also involve styling and bring out the best of every person through their clothes.
The knowledges that I have learned from the fashion industry help me to be able to understand the clothing in depth such as the garments construction. Also, I’m in my early 20s, this enable me to understand and know a lot about the lifestyle and trends among the young generation.
Moreover, living in London, one of the main fashion city, it allows me be able to get my hands on the latest fashion trend as soon as it has been walked down the runway. Combining with the determination that I have will make the clients benefit from working with me. I believe that my personalities of being a caring person and always treat people around me like a friend or family will create a good relationship between my clients and I.
If you have any questions related to style coaching please do not hesitate to contact me through my contact details below. Hope to hear from you soon.
UK Contact Number: +44 (0) 77 42141 767
Thailand Contact Number: +66 (0) 81 922 7606
Facebook: www.facebook.com/mint.lu
E-mail: mintmirth@hotmail.com