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Elizabeth Dziedzic MIASC.

My name is Elizabeth Dziedzic and as a Style Coach™ I hope to guide you with advice on how to dress stylishly and become more confident and happy in your daily life. My goal is to help you to be the best ‘you’ you can be! 

I am a mature and well-experienced lady who worked for many years as a nurse and a teacher. I graduated from the School of Public Health in Krakow Jagiellonian University and hold a diploma in unconventional / alternative therapies.

Throughout the course of my life I have met many people of different ages, from different backgrounds, and with different levels of health and fitness. It is my job and my privilege to help individuals in need, as much as possible, no matter who they are! I chose to embark on my training with the wonderful Style Coaching Institute®, which gave me an opportunity for deeper understanding of how your behavior and appearance affect your perception of yourself and your confidence. I studied the Style Coaching™ Diploma Course in a very detailed way for three years, with the help of my excellent teachers Kate Cutting and Bernie Delaney. Throughout the course I enriched my knowledge of how to dress people according to their unique body shape, their age, their professional position, social role and any individual special needs.

Style Coaching™ is for anyone who wants to reconnect with their true self, strengthen their trust in themselves, establish or change their personal style, or build a new and exciting wardrobe that reflects your personality and enhances your appearance. Whatever you would like to achieve through Style Coaching™, I am committed to help you. 

Style Coaching™ is not just for a single type of person! It is equally ideal for the bride to be, expecting mother, teenager, young adult, mature men or women, executives, people planning events, business people who travel for work, women who have been affected by breast cancer or who have had a mastectomy, people who have a disability or special needs... Style Coaching™ is for you! Whoever you are I am eager to help you to look and feel your very best!

I am available to work throughout Co. Dublin, Co. Meath, Co. Clare, and even in Poland by special arrangement. Gentlemen are of course very welcome.   
Contact me for more information!

Email: elzbieta.dziedzic@gmail.com
Mobile: +353 87 4168806
Landline: +353 46 9557982mailto:elzbieta.dziedzic@gmail.comshapeimage_22_link_0
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Justyna Krawczyk MIASC.

My name is Justyna Krawczyk. I am living in Poland, close to Warsaw, in a beautiful country house. Once I started my family and built my dream home, I thought that it was the right moment to establish my own company, “How to be a Happy Woman”.

For a long time, I was observing women who were unhappy and with low self-confidence.  For a long time, I was such also such a woman myself. Today, I am the best example and business card of my company, to show women that happiness and true change is possible if we really want it! That’s why I decided that I want to do something for all women who are open for change, and help them to realize that they can change their life!

To show women that change is possible, we can start the change through her external image. It is just the first step to show her that change is indeed possible, and motivate her towards making bigger and deeper changes. Sometimes, however, it works in the opposite way. First, she is ready to change on the inside, and then she feels motivated to change her external image as well. These were my personal steps to change, and why this real story of mine is a philosophy of my company today.
In order to be able to work with my clients to make deeper changes, I needed professional training and the best knowledge. That’s why I joined the Style Coaching Institute®, to be able to complete my knowledge on a full scope of topics regarding the woman’s metamorphosis. After this course I became even more aware of the importance of the connection between body and mind. 

As a Style Coach™ I work on the external look through: personal shopping, wardrobe analysis, silhouette and color analysis, and helping the client to discover and create her own personal style. I teach my clients how to dress to look their best every day, and how to wear colors with confidence! For the inside transformation, I work within the following areas:  increasing confidence and self-esteem, goal-setting, motivation, body language, the power of positive thinking and finally how to enjoy life every day!

I cooperate with hairdressers, makeup artists and also a photographer. All people within this team are passionate about what they do and have a true desire to help others.
Additionally I organize workshops for women, and professional trainings.

My company helps women to feel and look beautiful every day. It is also helping me to feel like this, and to be the best version of myself every day! I love to help women to be happy, to see their smiles, new images and new power for creating a life they want. 

If you want to change your life and image, don’t hesitate to contact me:

Email: info@jbsk.com.pl
Website: www.jakbycszczesliwakobieta.pl
Tel: +48 603 380 952mailto:info@jbsk.com.plhttp://www.jakbycszczesliwakobieta.plshapeimage_30_link_0shapeimage_30_link_1


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Paulina Czarnik, MIASC.

My name is Paulina Czarnik. Since 2014 I share my life between Poland and Germany.

After being graduated from University of Economics in Poland I moved to Germany and hoped to start professional career. As simple as it is. After one year of looking for a company who would like to hire young and ambitious person I started to think about becoming employer for myself.

When I decided to become a Style Coach™ I had been inspired by another Style Coach™ and was keen on helping my clients to improve not only their outer appearance, but make the change deeper and overall by changing their personal feelings when they wear their new clothes! The most important thing I have learnt when working with my clients is that there is no point in dressing my clients differently, changing their hair, having a makeover or even cosmetic surgery if I don’t help them to change their internal self-image which can be completely different than the external one.

I am a co-founder of “Self-confident Training Workshops” for both ladies and men. I like to be surrounded by positive and inspiring people so I cooperate with experts and hotheads such as nutritionist, make-up artist, life coach, sports coach, photographer. To develop my client’s personal style in their professional life I established cooperation with  made-to-measure shirts provider.

Let’s meet in Düsseldorf or any city in Poland!

tel.: 00 48 519 552 719
tel.: 00 49 174 7123764