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IASC Accredited Style Coaches™ in Northern Ireland

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Amanda Rafferty MIASC.

My name is Amanda Rafferty, I am based in Co. Down, Northern Ireland.

I was an Office Manager for 10yrs, a stay at home mum for the last 3½ years and recently qualified as a Professional Makeup Artist.

I was drawn to Style Coaching™ with my love for fashion and the fact that I would be able to help and encourage clients become more confident in themselves and how they looked.

As I explained I became a stay at home mum after having my 3rd child and as much as I loved it I didn’t realize how much it would knock my confidence and lower my self esteem. The Style Coaching™ experience helped boost my confidence again and with the tools I have been given and my own personal experiences I can now advise clients on the skills and techniques needed to help them become confident and complete individuals.

Clients will benefit from working with me as I am honest in a sensitive way, encouraging, non-judgmental and I truly want to help them be the best they can be. There is nothing more satisfying or touching than when a client looks in the mirror as if for the first time looking and feeling fabulous, it really is a special moment.

At the moment I don’t have my own website but clients can contact me via my email address – amanda@rafferty1.plus.com or my mobile - 07821583030mailto:amanda@rafferty1.plus.comshapeimage_28_link_0
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Vianne Arnold. MIASC

Hello, and thanks for visiting my profile. Let me share a little bit about my Style Coaching work.

I believe that our confidence affects how we think and feel which then impacts on our actions. When we feel great inside and out it brings out the best in everything we do. I love helping others to shine and my objective as a Style Coach is to strike a healthy life enhancing balance for my clients to look great, feel fabulous and be their amazing true selves, able to  continue for success with the knowledge and skills gained in their personal  Style Coaching experience.

I worked for many years as a regional training manager with a large corporate cosmetic brand travelling around various locations, arranging and delivering seminars along with providing coaching and development. The planning and organising skills benefit in my Style Coaching work, allowing me to help manage, plan and simplify while taking into account what for you is of highest priority and importance  e.g. personality, personal characteristics, lifestyle, current life challenges, changes, joys and celebrations, time and budget. 

Having a strong foundation in training, developing and coaching  has led me to study for a degree in counselling and psychotherapy. This has positively impacted on my work as a Style Coach helping clients achieve true potential through personal coaching for success. Reflection time in a non-judgemental setting can help clarify goals and objectives, get creativity flowing, re-energise and prioritise.

Several years working with the industry leader has provided a deep understanding of individual needs in skin care and makeup. I believe radiance comes  from the inside however a little helping hand never goes amiss. The advice is made easy through hands-on coaching. Sometimes we  need or like makeup to provide different looks eg barely there and  natural or a groomed business look through to high  definition sculpting and highlighting.

In summary, here are the areas that combine together for a full Style Coaching experience and can be delivered separately.

** Wardrobe planning and organising.
** Personal development and coaching.
** Make-up coaching made easy. Special occasion application. 

I have a studio at Oakhill House near Ballynahinch Co.Down and cover the regions listed  above.

Please call or email me for a chat and to find out more about how I can help you. I very much look forward to hearing from you and will be delighted to work with you.

Mobile: 0044(0)7595 418268
email:   viannearnold1@gmail.com