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Gan Pai Lian. MIASC.

I have been working as a pharmacist for 9 years in Malaysia. When 2012 came to a close, I resigned from my regulatory position in Merck and moved to Singapore in early 2013 to be with my Malaysian husband who had already set up base in the island about 2 years earlier. 

Once I was used to living in Singapore, I decided to take up the Style Coach™ diploma course because I was intrigued by its concept of not only helping a person to look good on the outside, but to help the person discover who they are and how far they can go to be the best that they can be everyday. It was during the course itself that I felt inspired at the possibility in making this my new career path. 

My past work experiences in providing background support, hearing people explaining their work matters or issues trained me to listen objectively and openly to work out logical and fair solutions with them as a team to solve problems at hand. Also, I am meticulous and detail-oriented. I believe that when sufficient attention is paid to details, they definitely guarantee a good outcome or outlook, regardless of whether it is with reference to a project or a client’s image. Furthermore, I have recently been certified as a competent professional make-up artist. These experiences and skills have become my strengths and have made me feel even more encouraged and passionate in wanting to be a certified Style Coach™. 

Clients would benefit from working with me because I sincerely wish to help them be better as an individual. This is simply because it is possible for them to achieve such a prospect. All it takes is the first step, which is to want to make a change in their lives i.e. their turning points. Together with my helping hand, we would not only be making new discoveries and facing new challenges, it would also be my utmost pleasure and privilege to be one of the first few to witness the change in the clients’ lives. 

I am a friendly person who has no qualms about speaking easily with strangers (even while waiting for the MRT). I do like having one-on-one conversations and discussions as it is easier to stay focused in getting to know the person better. 

Do be warned though; should you choose me as your Style Coach™, it will:

Be a fun experience, you would feel alive and inspired at most times
A journey of self-discovery, to 
Bring out the best in you, both inside and out

Ready to realise your life’s turning points? Let’s do that together by contacting me either through my e-mail: pailianitis@yahoo.com or my mobile phone: +65 9451 0565

Malar Meni Perumal. MIASC. BSc (Psy) 
Malaysia & Singapore

Inner beauty shines brighter... 

“Very often tradition and culture are misjudged with style and fashion, especially among the Asians. Born in a traditional Malaysian family, I have personally faced such challenges. Nevertheless, I strongly believe that one can have style and be fashionable while maintaining their traditions and culture through understanding the current ethnic trend and importantly empowering their inner beauty strength. With this in mind, I would like to help instil style with adequate grooming & etiquette among people, particularly in Asians.”

Being a professional trainer, consultant and coach for the past 8 years, Malar has unique and vast experience in the fields of people and communication, coming from her 15 years experience in banking & investment, airline cabin crew & cabin crew interviewer, public relations and events management, while bringing her real life experiences with people and culture during her 2 living years in France. She consults, coaches and conducts customized style, grooming & etiquette workshop for corporate clients, fresh graduates, students, teenagers and individuals who seek to create an impeccable impression.

With her passion, in 2012, Malar qualified as a certified Style Coach and also became an associate member of the International Association of Style Coaches. She holds a Bachelor of Science (BSc, Honours) in Psychology from University of York St John, UK and a diploma in Public Relations & Communication.

Her philosophy is that psychology plays an important role in motivating and instilling grooming & etiquette characteristics in an individual. Using this as a foundation, she assists individuals and their organizations in the fundamental importance of embracing change and developing talents.

In 2005, Malar worked with the event organising team of the Monsoon Cup, Terengganu sailing event and started her freelance training professional for cabin crews’ candidates. Specializing in customer relations and services, grooming and deportment, she trained more than 2000 participants. She pursued to be the head of training department for an airline training and counselling organization. She was also one of the interviewers for Emirates Airlines recruitments in Malaysia and trained about 800 participants, providing personal counselling and training in the field of grooming, deportment and etiquette.

With the gained knowledge and confident, she started ‘Grooming & Etiquette Studio’ in 2009 to provide personalized training and consultancy in the field of grooming & etiquette.

Email: groomingestudio@gmail.com
Website: www.groomingetiquettes.com

Mobile: +6012 377 3699 (Malaysia) +65 9115 2397 (Singapore)


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Wawa Idris. MIASC

Siti Mizalwa Idris or Wawa Idris, an image consultant and corporate trainer by profession, is a well known Malaysia personality who personifies grace, confidence and panache.

Holding a Master‘s Degree in Corporate Communication, I am  a Certified Image consultant and  also an associate member of Association of Image Consultants International (AICI) and was appointed as a Mayfair Gorgeous Mission Ambassador 2012.
Having over a decade of working experience in Corporate Communication and Marketing and Sales Division has provided me countless experiences and exposures on how to manage people in the company, meet customers‘ expectation, handle and satisfy various levels of stake-holders. 
I have in-depth knowledge in etiquettes and protocols from successfully organizing and managing hundreds of company and corporate events for various government departments.       
Throughout my career, I establishes an excellent working relationship with members of local media and appear in several broadcasting and printed media.
I have proven herself to be warm and approachable hence can get along very well with people from all walks of life.  My passion is personal development especially in Image Management and communication. My ability to engage, deliver and impart knowledge to my audience is an experience not to be missed!

I help proactive individuals and companies develop a personal brand and project a credible and positive business image.  My services included:-

Corporate Grooming workshops and seminar
Image and personal style consultation
Life coaching advice
Fashion styling
Wardrobe de-cluttering
Social media branding

For more information:
Email: wawaidris@gmail.com
Website: wowvirtue.wawaidris.com
Mobile: +60192363907


Burnie Lok Bee Teong. MIASC.

Lok Bee Teong (Burnie) practice as a Nutritionist at Green Apple Organic Nutrition Health located in Penang, West Malaysia.
Her professional qualifications and working experiences are as follows:
Dietician Practicum in Taipei Medical University
Malaysia Natural Hormone Therapist
Member of Natural Hormone Therapy of Malaysia Society for
Complementary Medicine
Holding a Degree in Bachelor of Science in Holistic Nutrition (BSc), USA
Holding a Diploma in Diet & Nutrition ITEC, UK.

Her previous job was providing consultant service on Nutrition and Diet.  Most of her clients were women in mature aging. She found  most of them only  take good care of their health but do not care for their appearance all the time. They felt depressed due to menopause syndrome and marriage problem mostly. They do not have confidence and felt frustrated. 

This issue inspired her to become a Style Coach in order to help her clients to improve the way they look or the way they feel. 

She believes that the true style comes from the combination of this inner and outer confidence. She has a passion to help her  clients to look good on the outside (styling) and feel great on the inside (coaching) besides nutrition and diet.

Having experience its effectiveness for herself, She is confident  that her clients would benefit from working with her for building up their confidence, to challenge limiting beliefs, and overcome self-sabotage.

She is reliable. She strives to always keep a positive attitude and  she loves socializing with people. She is very passionate and delivered to her work. She likes being responsible, good team, She is a person with goals, aspirations and professionalism.

She is able to  speak more than 5 languages: English, Chinese Mandarin, Malay, Cantonese and Hokkien.

Clients who are interested can contact her via email : burnie33@gmail.com or call her at +6012-4208633.


One of my treasured childhood memories was my late and dear mother who always dressed me in pretty frocks. I was most happy when she brought me shopping for a new dress. I grew up loving shopping and fashion and until today it remains my passion.
I worked as a Remisier in a Stock Broking company for several years.
Working in an investment industry meant I needed a good dress-code
and image to make lasting impression and I am proud to say until today that I get many compliments.
Due to family commitments I have put aside my ambition to pursue my passion in fashion but I still put my passion in dressing up my husband and my 3 kids prettily and my friends are always impressed by how well I coordinate their attire.
With my recently acquired knowledge and skills in pursuing this course, I am even more confident that I will be a good styling coach: to be able to to give anyone a total make-over regardlessly of their age and accordingly to their lifestyle and budget. I also believe a new image will definitely generate good feeling. The good feeling will exude from inside when a person is being complimented. I am confident that as a styling coach I can convince people that “You not only look fabulous but feel great inside in a simple yet elegant way and within your budget.”

Email: jane_wcw@hotmail.com