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Elizabeth Wahyu, MIASC.

Elizabeth Wahyu is a jewelry and accessories designer and resides in Jakarta, Indonesia. She graduated from Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles, USA majoring in International Business and Marketing in 1995. Elizabeth started working in a trading company in 1996 as Marketing Director for two years before she went back to the US for family reasons.
In 2000, she returned to Jakarta, Indonesia and realized that corporate work is not her passions. She left the company and started to open an art and craft class to motivate young people to be more creative. Apparently, she not only found her passion but she also found her new talent - creating handmade jewelry. 

Elizabeth’s jewelry instantly attracts Jakarta’s media, socialista, and fashion industry. Within one year from learning the jewelry making technique on her own, she opened her first boutique in 2002.

Since the time she started, Elizabeth believed that jewelry and accessories are keys to a perfect appearance. Elizabeth Wahyu Accessories’ motto “Enhancing Your Beauty” has stayed true to its core, in that each design is considered carefully to complete a woman’s look.

After four years winning local fans for accessories, Elizabeth took her business into a larger scale to International market. Started in 2006, Elizabeth Wahyu Accessories had launched in Las Vegas, Los Angeles and New York until now featuring regularly in top brands clothing line all over USA.

The same year brought her jewelry to Japan, where is was sold in the number one TV Shopping in Japan – Shop Channel. The Japanese market was totally in favor of Elizabeth’s taste; they adore her designs and techniques. Until today, Elizabeth’s jewelries are sold in ANA Airlines and some exclusive boutiques in Japan.

Understanding fashion and styling on her own was not enough, Elizabeth wanted to provide her customer with the essence of styling from a solid and trusted institution when she came across the Style Coaching Institute®.

Style Coaching™ was a perfect choice because it’s not only providing the knowledge on “outer” appearance but “ inner” as well. Understanding insights from the “inner” has helped Elizabeth see a different view of designing and styling.

Now she is styling customers from socialista, high level managements of local and Multinational companies, to movie stars and singers. Her career has never been better.
Elizabeth is equipped with the tools and training from Style Coaching Institute® combined with her taste and talent. She will be bringing styling and personal branding to a different level in Jakarta and Indonesia.

Email: eliz@elizabethwahyu.com


Amriyati Sari. MIASC.

Hai and greetings... My name is Amriyati Sari.

After taking the Style Coaching™ training, I learned to live life according to my nature and true self. I have lived more freely now and embrace who I am with confidence.  I also learned a lot on how to see situations in life in different angles. There is always a silver linings to every situation and if I can put everything what life have to offer to me to my advantage, then I can achieve wisdom in life with ease.  

I have been working as a holistic therapist for 5 years and I am always interested to unlock the true nature of a person. I believe that living based on who you are and what you are really meant to be will make you be more centered, happy and effortless. Style coaching has a holistic approach.  The process combines both inner happiness and outer beauty. The beauty within that was unlocked through a series of sessions with me will help you feel good and look great. You will learn to create the style that enhances your true personality, body shape and color. Also improving how to do personal grooming, body language, communication skills and etiquette. These improvements and achieving a personal stye that is individually created for you is the result of the process of embracing your wonderful true self.

I am educated in the University Hartford in Connecticut, USA and got my bachelor’s degree in Finance. I continued to take my Master degree in Marketing in University of Colorado in Denver. After graduating, I worked in top advertising agencies for 4 years. I continued to open a Production house company for 3 years and continued my career in one of the best TV station is Indonesia.  After 3 years, I have to resign from my work to care my family. That was the beginning of my struggle to find of what makes me happy in life.  Then I started to go to holistic therapy with meditation and energy healing. I found my peace and decided to pursue training to be a holistic therapist. I am certified psych k therapist and have worked with different people to focus their mind to positivity. With therapy, I manage to find and explore how to be a better me. And I love to assist people to go through that experience.

Dressing to your own truth and personality is one step to a better life. It made very happy and content, and most definitely more smarter in shopping for outfits and accessories. The right hair cut, the right skin care, the right outfit and the right state of mind definitely will change one’s life to be wonderful.  You are a mirror image of what is going on in your life. So, when you feel wonderful inside, you will look wonderful and will attract wonderful things to happen in your life.  A balanced mind, body and soul. That is what Style Coaching™ can offer into your life.

Email: amriyatisari@yahoo.com 

Indira Anggraini. MIASC.

I am a mother of two children. I earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from American College for the Applied Arts in Atlanta, USA, in 1996, for Fashion Marketing. Since going back to Jakarta in 1997, I had plunged myself into fashion industry in Jakarta, notably as a Fashion Editor for Harper’s Bazaar Indonesia for four years, followed by a period of being a Public Relations for two of the most luxurious brands, Hermes and Lanvin in Indonesia. After that, I also had a chance to work for one of the most well-known fashion company based in Bali, called Biasa. I had written dozens of beauty and fashion articles, as well as became fashion stylist for dozens of photo shoots with professional photo models as well as real life personalities.  

My artistic working environment allowed me to experiment with any style I wanted. Still, my freedom in dressing for the office could overwhelm me and I felt I needed a style formula.  After the birth of my second child, I did not work for several years. I did not have any title that I felt could explain my identity, other than as a mom. I rarely had a chance to go to special occasions. I did not find a playground to experiment with my looks and forgot how to have fun in dressing. I lost touch with my confidence and myself. On top of that I also have an acne prone skin so I am familiar with feelings of insecurities that many women are facing on any regular days.

But through Style Coaching, I learned to look inside myself again and how to let my personality shine through. It’s not about the trend or the label or my title. It’s about reflecting who you are on the inside while celebrating your character on the outside through style and colors. Now, I want to help others because I know many people have similar experiences like mine. Some may want to renew their appearance, some may need to embark on a new career, some may need to attract the attention of their significant others. I could help you finding your style formula, while taking into account the lifestyle you lead right now, the expectations as well as limitations. 

Every woman should know that they could and would look beautiful once she finds her inner self and accepting who she is. I still love to experiment, but with guidance, not “running in the dark” as before.

Contact me at indira_anggraini@yahoo.com 
or on mobile: (62) 816906364mailto:indira_anggraini@yahoo.comshapeimage_30_link_0

Deborah D. Simatupang. MIASC.

Deborah D. Simatupang or better known as DD, has been in the fashion business for more than 15 years working in several countries such as Paris, New York, Milan, Hong Kong and Indonesia. She functioned variably from being an International Buyer for high-end brands such as Dolce & Gabbana, Emanuel Ungaro and Thierry Mugler down to prêt a porter line such as Dries Van Noten, Comme de Garcon, D&G and many others. At one time she has also worked on developing her own line through local manufacturing and international sourcing. Her last position was as Director of Retail Operation in a multi- national company handling prestigious brands such as Guess, La Senza, Raoul and Valentino.

She is currently running her lounge & bar business named d’ bar at Kemang Raya, Jakarta Selatan as well as building and managing several of her own properties. The latest company that she is developing with her team is an event organizing company, PT. Indo Sekar Perkasa, that works closely with the Indonesian Ministry of Culture & Tourism and it is one of the leading company in Jakarta that implements Brand Communication expertise in MICE (Meeting/ Incentive/ Conference/ Exhibition) and PCO (Professional Convention Organizer).

Email: dianasimatupang@yahoo.com 



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