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IASC Accredited Style Coaches™ in India

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Archana Koushik, based in Mumbai

With an exceptional understanding of style and a pertinent understanding of personality, Archana has inspired many in developing their own style as well as enhancing their confidence and individuality. Archana believes in using contemporary fashion and classic style as a path to transcend into the best persona one can become! In her words: “Mirror Mirror on the wall, who's the fairest of them all?”; don’t we all seem to, at some point in time, seek answers to this elusive question?

Archana believes that a Style Coach™ has the answers to this question and offers a deeper approach into positive personality development. As a Style Coach™, Archana inspires her clients to become who and what they want to be in life. She believes that Style Coaching™ is about helping the client develop a unique personal style that extends beyond just the ‘first impression’ and lasting far beyond the ‘first 3 seconds’ that you meet someone. Personal style includes of course the imagery that is visible and obvious to the outside world, but in order to sustain the style personality, one needs to develop an intrinsic comfort within their own skin and feel good and appreciate themselves; especially in today's extremely challenging and demanding society. As a Style Coach™, Archana develops and facilitates this process.

Having an Honours Post graduate degree in Marketing & Finance, Archana has had the opportunity to work with professionals across industries for the last 9 years. She has worked in media, advertising and the aviation / service sectors in marketing, as well as held several personal grooming and personality development sessions including for cabin crew in aviation. 

She has a Diploma in Fashion Designing from the Indian Institute of Art and Fashion Technology, which gives her an in-depth understanding and emphasis on the right lines, cuts and colours that would suit a particular body type / lifestyle / personality type. Her passion also lies in wellness and aroma therapy and is a Certified Aroma Therapist from the International Certified Aroma Therapy Institute in Canada. 

With knowledge in both Style Coaching™, Life Coaching and Aroma Therapy, Archana combines the nuances of these faculties for her clients as a unique form of evolution to bring out the best in them, naturally!

She has a High Honours Diploma from the Style Coaching Institute® in the United Kingdom and offers the following services:

Style Coaching™ 
Fashion consultation 
Wardrobe Styling
Wedding / occasion styling 
Life coaching 
Personality development
Personal grooming

Even if you are not in the same city, Archana can start working with you immediately, all you need is a Skype ID!

Email: archkoushik@gmail.com
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Neha Suradkar, based in Mumbai
Neha Suradkar, a Professional Style Coach™ and Style Director at Mirror Image & Style Pte. Ltd. based in Singapore has a Post Graduate Degree in Fabric and Apparel Design. She has more than 5 years of progressive teaching, training and research experience with fashion design students.

Always interested in looking good and helping others to look good as well, she found a great opportunity as a Style Coach™​ to help people, ‘Look Good and Feel Great’!

As a Style Coach™, Neha would like to work with women and men who desire a change in their life, appearance, negative self-image and beliefs. Being a mother of a toddler,​she also wants to focus on new and expecting mothers, who due to their new responsibilities, tend to neglect themselves the most. To help the moms about issues related to motherhood and personal style, she started her blog Mom-the-Diva (http://momthediva.blogspot.sg). Along with the career women, who have to be their best all the time, she also wants to help the homemakers, which is another group of women who ignore themselves. She also specializes in plus size dressing, being a plus size herself, she can understand the complexities and the insecurities that the client must be facing. 

She works on the philosophy - ‘People love those who love themselves’. So a lot of importance is given to dressing up well and personal grooming even if you are just sitting at home. She is always looking for make-up and grooming routines which are not time consuming yet effective. 

Being an Indian, who has travelled extensively in India, USA and a lot of South East Asia and lived in India, Japan and Singapore, she specializes in Indian, Western as well as combination wardrobe.

As a Personal Shopper, she is capable of helping her clients to make ‘value purchases’ more than ‘valuable purchases’. She also loves to help the expecting mums to ‘shop smart’ for their babies and also the new mothers for their children.

Her aim is to develop a timeless, personal style for her clients and not to make them a victim of fashion, which is ever-changing. She also helps in developing the positive self image, boost confidence and self esteem, developing skills like de-cluttering and organization and time management. She is capable of guiding her clients through the whole process of Style Coaching™ with patience and self-motivation. The whole process is conducted in a very friendly manner. She is sensitive to the needs of her clients and often tailor her sessions keeping in mind the same!

The scope of services at Mirror Image & Style include:
•	Shape & Style Analysis
•	Colour Analysis
•	Personal Shopping
•	Make up and Grooming Advice
•	Self-Image and Confidence Building

At Mirror Image and Style, Neha focuses on providing quality service at an affordable price to real women and men who want to ‘Discover their New and Better Self!’

Contact: neha@mirrorimageandstyle.com
Phone: +65-96284766
Website: www.mirrorimageandstyle.com