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IASC Accredited Style Coaches™ in Hungary

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Agnes Feder. MIASC

I am Agnes Feder, the first professional Style Coach™ in Hungary.
I operate my business in Budapest, the capital of Hungary.

I graduated at the Style Coaching® Institute with an Honours Grade Diploma at the end of May, 2010; I started real practice of this wonderful profession in the beginning of this year.

I started my professional career in the advertising world – I used to work for Ogilvy & Mather in my twenties. I hold an M.Sc. in Economics and I am also a qualified business coach.

These areas of expertise – specifically in coaching – give me a sound base and benefit in dealing with people.

What really inspired me to become a Style Coach™ was my longtime and equal interest in the outer look and mentality of the people and the connectedness of these two important areas. Why I am still passionate about Style Coaching® is the reflection of my Clients that they started to feel great both on the outside and the inside after the Style Coaching® process started, and consequently, they started to lead the life they deserve.

Most of my Clients come to the first session worried how I will evaluate them. They might forget that I am not a stylist officer, I am a coach.

For me and with me, the Style Coaching™ process starts with a difficult self-assessment: „what is the status where we start from”. Good rapport between Client and Coach and honesty are equally of high importance. 

We go through body shape analysis, colour assessment, coaching sessions, wardrobe de-cluttering and personal shopping. These are the services I offer to my Clients.

I think a quality Coach should have an open mind and an open heart, should be understanding and should provide support, encouragement and motivation to Coaches. I intend to reach this level so I make a step every day in order to reach my goal.

Clients can reach me on my cell phone +36 20 928 5262 
or via e-mail agnes.feder@gmail.com.

Andrea Mészáros. MIASC

Welcome and thank you for visiting my profile! My name is Andrea Mészáros, I am a Style CoachTM and Economist based in Budapest, Hungary.
My love to fashion and interest in the human behaviour led me to complete the Diploma in Style Coaching™, which changed my internal philosophy. I believe that when you feel good about yourself it has an enormous effect on your entire life. Style Coaching is about reaching to the point that you feel good in the inside and look wonderful on the outside with a holistic approach. And how is this approach look like? – It begins with understanding your present, your
desired future and through realistic small steps it helps you to get where you really want to be.
My aim is to help you to become the best you can ever be both on the inside as on the outside, which leads you to be able to live a full life!
In my work I am quite passionate, empathetic and sometimes gently challenging in order to help you stay on track to be able to achieve your goals.
About me:

I’ve always held a natural sense of beauty and I am deeply interested in style, fashion and positive behaviour, which I’ve learned and practiced constantly since my childhood. Being raised by a Fashion-Designer mother I had the chance to grow up hand in hand with clothing and fashion.
After finishing high school I began University in Italy where I could breath in the Italian sense of style, which became a very influencing part of me.
London is another great place on Earth that had a deep impact on me. I finished some Fashion-related courses there: Handbag-Design and Shoe-Design. My love and curiosity about other countries and cultures has inspired me to learn and speak five languages fluently: English, Italian, Spanish, German and Hungarian. This openness helped me to feel comfortable in many different working and cultural areas.

I was tutoring students during my years at high school and at the university I was part of a college for advanced studies (FAKT) where I had the possibility to give a financial education to high school students living in disadvantaged areas of financial and economic knowledge within the frames of a CSR project financed by PwC. I also organized trainings together with disabled people and I was volunteering at Bátor Tábor (therapeutic recreation for seriously ill children).
Now I am becoming a trainer at IBM HR Campus where I teach self-branding and “how to dress efficiently” skills to the employees. I am also handling a small hand-painted cloth design enterprise with unique personalised clothes, called Lilium Cloth.
My service includes:

Confidence Coaching - Style Personalities - Body Shape Analysis - Personal Colour Analysis - Wardrobe Analysis - Personal Shopping  - Hair & Makeup Advice - Top-to-Toe Grooming - Clothing, Shoes & Accessories Advice

Contact me on mszros.andrea@gmail.com 
Or call: +36303994504mailto:mszros.andrea@gmail.comshapeimage_25_link_0
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