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IASC Accredited Style Coaches™ in Germany

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Aline Lermer, MIASC.

Citizen of the world, based in Stuttgart, Germany.

Bachelor’s Degree in Advertising and Marketing, UNIP, Sao Paulo, Brazil, Certificate of Fashion Design, Instituto Europeo di Design (IED), Milan, Italy, Diploma in Style Coaching™, Style Coaching Institute®, United Kingdom
My motto: “No matter what you do, do it with style. YOUR style”.
My passions: Fashion, Travel, Reading, Writing, using my creativity, and meeting people from all over the world and all walks of life.

Phones: +49 7142 910439 / +49 160 7858161 (mobile)
Email: alinelermer@gmail.com
Blog:  http://doitwithyourstyle.blogspot.de/
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Simone Schmusch , MIASC.

The way we dress and present ourselves to the world speaks volumes about who we are. I am convinced that if we feel good and confident about ourselves and our appearance, it is so much easier to be successful in all areas of our private and professional life.

My name is Simone, and I have been working in international Human Resources Management for more than 15 years before specializing as a Professional Style Coach™. Through my career and travels I had the chance to meet the most different personalities all around the globe, people of all ages and levels, and from a variety of backgrounds. Many people left a lasting impression on me, and this was the starting point for my decision to delve deeper into the matter and become a Personal Style Coach™. 

I love fashion and watching trends, but I believe that finding your own personal style is priceless – the style that shows the best of you to the world around you. I also truly believe that there is a lot more to style than just finding the right clothes. Self-confidence and self-esteem are equally vital because isn’t it hard to shine on the outside if you don’t feel comfortable on the inside?

I would be happy to work with you and share my expertise. I am based in Germany and practice mainly from my office in Stuttgart, but I also work with clients in the region around Lake Constance (Bodensee-Region) as well as in the city of Frankfurt/Main. I also offer online consultation via Skype. My services include individual Style Coaching™ Sessions and personal shopping services for private persons, Outlet City Tours to the city of Metzingen (Stuttgart area) for international guests, fashion styling for photo shoots, as well as trainings and workshops for corporate clients. 

Find out more about me and my services on www.primestyle.de (currently under construction) or drop me an email at simone.schmusch@t-online.de 


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Paulina Czarnik, MIASC.

My name is Paulina Czarnik. Since 2014 I share my life between Poland and Germany.

After being graduated from University of Economics in Poland I moved to Germany and hoped to start professional career. As simple as it is. After one year of looking for a company who would like to hire young and ambitious person I started to think about becoming employer for myself.

When I decided to become a Style Coach™ I had been inspired by another Style Coach™ and was keen on helping my clients to improve not only their outer appearance, but make the change deeper and overall by changing their personal feelings when they wear their new clothes! The most important thing I have learnt when working with my clients is that there is no point in dressing my clients differently, changing their hair, having a makeover or even cosmetic surgery if I don’t help them to change their internal self-image which can be completely different than the external one.

I am a co-founder of “Self-confident Training Workshops” for both ladies and men. I like to be surrounded by positive and inspiring people so I cooperate with experts and hotheads such as nutritionist, make-up artist, life coach, sports coach, photographer. To develop my client’s personal style in their professional life I established cooperation with  made-to-measure shirts provider.

Let’s meet in Düsseldorf or any city in Poland!

tel.: 00 48 519 552 719
tel.: 00 49 174 7123764
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