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IASC Accredited Style Coaches™ in Austria

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Alison Urbas, MIASC. 
Based in Austria and Malta

Alison is the first certified Style Coach™ for Austria and Malta. Alison was born in Malta in 1976 and has lived in Vienna since 2005. She is married, mother of three children and has forged a successful career in banking. Given her vast senior management experience, Alison has developed excellent communication skills which serve as a very good foundation for Style Coaching™. 

Alison has excellent interpersonal skills and a great sense of humour which makes working with Alison easy and a joyful experience. Being the daughter of a tailor she had been observing the style and fashion industry work for years and is fascinated by fabrics and accomplishing new styles that reflect her clients’ goals and personality. Apart from freestyle gymnastics, her teenage hobbies were designing new outfits which were then produced by her mother and being a catwalk and photo model. 

Her passion is in enabling individuals to shine through with confidence and self-belief. Being a wife, mother and full-time banker, she interacts with a variety of social networks in her day-to-day life and is very empathetic, creating a harmonious and friendly working relationship. 

Her website is currently in progress, yet prospective clients can contact her telephonically on 0043 664 241 5511.

Eva Stehlikova (MIASC.) 
Based in Prague, Czech Republic, Austria

I have always loved ‘beauty’ itself. By that I don’t mean ‘surface beauty’ but all the beauty you can imagine. A beautiful body without a beautiful mind - one without the other - is just not enough. To take care of your body is important, but you have to like yourself on the inside, too!

I have been travelling a lot and I have done several full-time jobs, but no matter whether I’ve been working in software, marketing, advertising, or in fashion companies... it’s always been based on people! They may do their job well, but I observed that only a few would ever really know their full potential and what they are really capable of. This was what helped me to decide to become a Style Coach™. Why? Because I would like to see more people reach their full potential, and I believe everybody should do what they are really good at. I am good at supporting people, inspiring them and leading them to find their own style. 

So please, if you’re trully willing to change your life, or make it better in some way, feel free to ask me to work with you! My services include: Style & Life Coaching, Etiquette, Healthy Lifestyle, Career  Wedding Assistance, and more...


W: www.stylecoach.cz   
M: +420 774 597 232  
E: eva@stylecoach.cz     
FB: facebook.com/stylecoachevahttp://www.stylecoach.czmailto:eva@stylecoach.czshapeimage_29_link_0shapeimage_29_link_1


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