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IASC Accredited Style Coaches™ in Australia

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Ramona Borg. MIASC. Based in Sydney.

Welcome and thank you for coming to my page!

My name is Ramona Borg, I am a Style Coach™ and run a Style Coaching™ business in Sydney, Australia.

I graduated at the Style Coaching Institute® in the UK, with an Honours Grade Diploma in October 2010. 

Thanks to my previous occupation I have a solid education in understanding a lot of the different backgrounds, cultures and religions, and this enables me to work within the multicultural society of Australia easily and effortlessly. 

This love of other countries and cultures has inspired me to learn five languages fluently: English, Italian, French, German and Spanish. Most of these languages were finely tuned whilst living in many of the different countries I either worked in or been to around the world, making me a very well resourced person.

Growing up as a kid I always had an interest in clothing and fashion.

Originally from the Italian part of Switzerland, just a short drive from the Fashion Capital of the world Milan! My friends always highlighted my Italian sense of style, so if you like your style to have a European flare then I am the Style Coach™ for you. 

My approach to Style Coaching™ is holistic and encouraging. I am passionate about this as it gives me the opportunity to share the tools I have learnt and to teach you the secrets of good style, which I truly believe will help you on a day to basis.
My role is to guide you, provide you tools and teach you how to recognise your body shape, your personal wow colours and how wearing specific types of clothing can make a huge difference to your confidence and overall self esteem ensuring that you feel great on the inside and look fabulous on the outside. 

Using these new found tools, you will explore your local shopping area for clothes that meet your life style and budget.
Did you know that Style Coaching™ includes the art of selecting the right accessories for that perfect outfit based for that special occasion or just on a daily basis? One of my greatest skills is being able to take a plain outfit and turn it into something special and unique. Just imagine for a moment you are about to go out on your first date, or that special event and you are not sure what to wear, I can help you!
As fashion is my passion, I am constantly researching this area so that you can be guaranteed your Style Coach™ will include the most up to date fashion information available to date. Creative, genuine, imaginative, stylish, caring and a great understanding for fashion, as your Style Coach™ I will ensure it is fun, enjoyable and rewarding for you and it all comes with my 100% Results Money Back Guarantee.

What’s your instinct telling you? Would you like to learn how to look better and feel great every day? Contact me now! Ramona@lifetimedynamics.com. For further information please visit the website at www.lifetimedynamics.com/stylecoaching or call 1300 138 157mailto:Ramona@lifetimedynamics.comhttp://www.lifetimedynamics.com/stylecoachingshapeimage_29_link_0shapeimage_29_link_1
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Andrea Tame MIASC.

My name is Andrea Tame and I provide Style Coaching™ in Richmond NSW. I have worked in a training role in my profession for many years and I am also a qualified Life Coach. 

Life Coaching and Style Coaching™ are complementary self-improvement disciplines. Style Coaching™ helps people to enhance their best physical features so that they present themselves as well groomed and confident while retaining their authentic sense of self. Self-confidence comes from knowing what you want to achieve, and defining realistic steps that you can take to make it there. Feeling good about yourself physically can only make the process easier!  

I have a passion for helping people achieve these goals and to be the best that they can be, both personally and professionally, having personally walked this path myself! Let me help you make the most out of life! 

Contact me on andreatame@internode.on.net or call 0412035383.

Carla Luce MIASC.

Carla has spent the last 10 years working in front of the Camera, presenting Live TV shows for Australia's home Shopping Network. It was there her love for all things beautiful blossomed, and has now become an all consuming passion. Her move into Personal Styling is such a natural evolution considering Carla has been Styling women via her fashion Type to enter text and beauty shows for many years. Her love for fashion, beauty and overall health and wellbeing has driven Carla to add to her 10 years of industry knowledge by completing her Diploma as a Style Coach with the Institute of Style Coach's in the United Kingdom.

Now living in Singapore, Carla spends most of her time with clients who really want to become re acquainted with their authentic style. This might be a simple as a personalized shopping trip, or a series of sessions which cover anything from  body shape, colour analysis and personality to hair, makeup and goal setting.

Carla also completed a course in Nutrition with Nature Care College in Sydney and is a great believer in you are what you eat. Your diet and lifestyle will show in your complexion hair and eyes, so beauty really does come from the inside.

“Living in Singapore can be a challenge for the fashion savvy, as we have a very warm and humid climate and no defined seasons. I love to work with my clients in finding ways to work interest and style into their wardrobes no matter what the temperature is.”

Carla can also be booked for VIP shopping trips for visitors to Singapore and why not buy a series of sessions as a great gift idea for your girl friends.

Carla has worked in the TV industry for the last 10 years so brings a unique twist to her styling sessions being able to advise on what looks great on camera and some “tips of the trade” when having photos taken or finding yourself in front of a camera.

You can visit Carla’s website 
Phone: +65 81392599
Email:  carlakstylist@gmail.comhttp://www.carlakstylist.commailto:carlakstylist@gmail.comshapeimage_32_link_0shapeimage_32_link_1

Marion McCormack
Based on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland Australia

Hello and welcome! As a trained Stylist and Life Coach, I offer experience in teaching the skills to inspire and inform my clients how to project their best personal image as well as nurturing their self-belief and confidence.

During my career in fashion, advertising and event management, I have come to appreciate that outstanding personal presentation is a vital key to both personal and business success. I believe that a person’s “first impression” could well be the one that is life changing. Whatever the occasion, it is certainly an advantage to know how to present ourselves in confident and fabulous ways.

I find that ladies are seeking to know what to wear to complement their body shape, what colours enliven, and how to create a wardrobe to suit their lifestyle and personality. This can be frustrating, daunting and unnecessarily expensive, therefore I explain how creating a plan together can make this task simple, pleasurable and exciting.

Growing up with my mother who was a dress designer was a blessing and I learned a great deal about styling as she imparted real insights of the fashion industry. Together we enjoyed many hours studying designs from an aesthetic view, wearability and individual appeal.

I always dreamed of visiting the major fashion capitals of the world and recently had the opportunity to visit the USA, UK and Europe to see and learn first-hand how famous fashion houses and retailers displayed and promoted their collections and what it means to most consumers.

Styling people of all shapes and sizes has given me respect and admiration of how unique and wonderfully different we all are and has shown me that anyone can be more beautifully stylish and confident with selective choices.

Guiding my clients through the processes of style and life coaching sessions has achieved very successful transformations as looking great and feeling great increases self-belief and self-esteem making achievements more possible in many areas of life.

Style Coaching™ sessions
Life Coaching - Build confidence and support change
Body Shape and Colour Analysis – Know what styles and colours suit you
Weight Loss Strategies - Less stressful ways to approach weight management
Wardrobe De-cluttering - Find the right outfit for any occasion
Style Workshops - Fun for small groups to learn the basics of great style

For a confidential chat please phone Marion 0407 245 862
or email stylingontrend@bigpond.com for further information.



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Malda Karesli, based in Adelaide

My name is Malda Karesli, I am Syrian and I live in Amman/ Jordan. I have a degree in accounting. Since I was very young, I had a passion about clothes, fashion, accessories, and make-up. I was born and raised in a family that adores fashion, as my mother and my grandmother both used to tailor their own dresses. As I grew, my passion for fashion and style grew with me and even when I didn’t have enough money to buy new clothes, I used to mix and match my outfits to get a new look using the same pieces I had before.

Being a woman who wears hijab raises lots of challenges on how to be stylish, fashionable and up to date while maintaining a decent look at the same time. I have always looked for the latest trends every season in fashion, style and colors in order to pick and choose what would best match with hijab, making suitable alterations whenever necessary. One of my main strengths is that I do really understand what women who wear hijab feel, need, and look for in their look. In this part of the world, this could mean a lot for my peers. 

I believe that real beauty comes from within, so I do work on the image and style hand in hand with the inner image, body language, and self-confidence.
Style Coaching™ is a very pleasant and exciting journey that we can go through together which will eventually lead to a new “you” from outside and inside.
Change could be a very difficult, even scary, experience for the most of us if we are not sure how to do it. I know that this is a human fact, and this is why I am here to help you making this change a truly exciting endeavor. So, are you ready to discover yourself all over again? Jump in, and trust the aid of someone who loves fashion, who is certified professional in it and, above all, who will understand and appreciate your individuality and will help you shine in your own way.

I am waiting for you on: maldakaresli@gmail.com

Amanda Harwood (Freyja Style Coaching) MIASC.

I founded Freyja Style Coaching because I wanted to create a business that helped women be the best version of themselves. I have benefited so much from my training in Style Coaching that I wanted to share it with other women who may have forgotten who they quintessentially are.

I graduated from the Institute in 2010 and mostly used the skills I had learned on myself and family and friends. The more I shared my knowledge, the more passion I felt about this work and the more dissatisfied I felt with my day job until I could fight it no longer and Freyja Style Coaching was born.

I am also a Make-up Artist, Reiki Practitioner, Spiritual Coach, Photographer and Writer. My background is in training and the fashion wholesale industry. I have always had a love of fashion and make-up and a desire to help women look and feel fantastic! 

My company's symbol is the magnolia which stands for self-respect, dignity, strength of character, self-esteem and a lifetime of fulfilment. My business embraces these values and my goal is to share these with my clients. Freyja Style Coaching is also all about love - love of self, love of life, love of change.

I offer a range of services that include one-on-one consultations, workshops and am also currently working on a range of online courses. These services can range from styling for women, wardrobe reorganisation, colour analysis, make-up and skin care lessons, confidence coaching, self-esteem building, personal branding  and goal setting.

I am situated in sunny Perth in Western Australia. Visit my website to see what packages I have on offer or call me to discuss a bespoke package designed especially for you! 

Contact: Amanda Harwood
Phone: 08 9291 5261 Mobile: 0411 063 290
Email: amanda@freyjastylecoaching.com.au

...personal styling with a twist...mailto:amanda@freyjastylecoachin.com.auhttp://www.freyastylecoaching.com.aushapeimage_45_link_0shapeimage_45_link_1